Ellie Codes

Foil Printing, Part 1

I started trialing foil printing this weekend, because I really needed a non-technical hobby in which I could also be creative. I already know that really enjoy paper crafting and I decided that foil printing could be really cool. I bought a bunch of Deco Foil rolls (probably too many) and a brand new laser printer. After trialing the foil printing with our existing 3mil laminator, we read tutorials that suggested a laminator that supports 5mil. So we ordered the Amazon Basics laminator that supports both 3mil and 5mil. After being somewhat unsuccessful with that particular setup and reading more reviews, I ordered the Heidi Minc foil. Here were the results of my trials:

  1. Deco foil in printer paper "envelope": No-go. The foil crackles and doesn't transfer cleanly, even with 2 pass-throughs.
  2. Deco foil without "envelope", but using washi tape across the top of the foil: Works a lot better than with the paper envelope.
  3. Deco foil without "envelope", with washi tape and 2 pass-throughs: This was the best result I got with the Deco foil, but it only really seemed to work with smaller prints.
  4. Heidi Minc foil with "envelope": This works very well. The Heidi Minc foil is more delicate and seems higher quality, and the foil transfers a lot more easily.

I am looking forward to foiling a few things once I get more of the good foil, but for now, I at least know my best results. I'm looking forward to posting my projects!

Ellie Strejlau

Ellie is a programmer, wife and mother from New York. She currently works as a Senior Developer at Phase2 Technology and has a bachelors and a masters degree in Information Systems.