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Positive Affirmations

A little bit goes a long way.
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It seems like we all have heard about companies that install ping pong tables, soft drink and candy machines, or supply video game consoles in break rooms to help employees feel like they’re cared for and appreciated; some “perks” of working for any given company. You know what doesn’t cost anything in terms of money or effort? Reminding employees, with kind words, that they are appreciated.

Think about it. Maybe you’re having a particularly bad day. Maybe you’re having trouble fixing a bug and are upset with how long it’s taking. How would you feel if someone in leadership or your manager listened to your frustration and told you that they appreciate you?

Here are some examples of positive affirmations:

  • I’m so grateful for how committed you are to providing work of the highest quality to our organization.
  • You’ve made working here so much more pleasant because of your positive attitude and ability to collaborate with others.
  • Your calming demeanor has helped to quell disagreements and bring us to a consensus so much more quickly.

Tacking on a “thank you” to any of the above examples (or whatever compliment you can think of) can go much farther than you think.

Especially during these times where employees haven’t been able to take a real vacation in over a year, some people are burning out because they’ve been working incredibly hard with no breaks. I want to emphasize that positive affirmations are not a replacement for a raise, promotion, or giving time off. However, they are a just-in-time small gesture that will likely pump a little bit of enthusiasm into a colleague’s day.

Bonus: If receivers of these positive affirmations need an occasional pick me up, start writing down the kind things others have said or written about you. The title of this page in my notebook is “Why I’m Great”. I’ve written everything in there from something said to me in passing to formal review feedback, including the constructive kind, to remind me that I’m constantly learning and growing.

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