Ellie Strejlau


“Learn from My Mistakes”

An observation about learning from others' mistakes and how it relates to the effects of stressful or traumatic experiences.

How Not to Code: React Edition

Over engineering and reinventing the wheel puts more burden on ourselves and our team to maintain code that we shouldn't need to.

The New Company Transition Trap

Some things that happen on your new team when you're insistent in bringing up the past, and ways to avoid them.

NetlifyCMS: My Takeaway

Some pros and cons I encountered in retrofitting this website with NetlifyCMS, and why I think it's a keeper.

Positive Affirmations

A little bit goes a long way.

Follow Your Own Path

There is no such thing as "one size fits all" when it comes to career advice.

My Ideal Coworking Space

What returning to communal offices looks like to me after being almost completely remote for the last 5 years.

Are Our Processes Still Working For Us?

Some guidelines for choosing and changing processes and systems in an organization or team.

Introduction to Developing a Slack Bot with Bolt

A high level explanation of how the bot I built with friends works behind the scenes.

Anxious Journaling

A (nearly) daily activity I engage in to reduce anxiety and feel more productive.

When Life Takes Over

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.

When is it Time to Move On?

Just like deciding on whether or not to start over, sometimes it's time to leave.

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