Ellie Strejlau


Be Assertive

Being passive aggressive is being unclear. Set your expectations early and often.

Include Developers in the Design Process

Want happier developers? Try this one weird trick!

Coping When Coping is Difficult

I started 2021 feeling like I was ready for anything it could throw at me. I was painfully wrong.

On New Beginnings

Sometimes it makes sense to continue; other times it makes more sense to start fresh.

2021 — The Year of Courage and Determination

Don't set resolutions — choose themes.

2020 — My Year of Technical Transformation

Pouring yourself into your work during times of high anxiety can sometimes be very fulfilling and rewarding.

Present Your Pride

Sing your praises with your head held high and your voice loud.

Blog Entry Frequency

Mine has been very sparse.

GatsbyJS, TinaCMS, and A Long Weekend

A high level walk through of how I built my new site, why I made some of the decisions I did, and some of the issues I encountered.

Hello World!

I rebuilt my blog. Yay!

Object-Oriented PHP Basics

Let's Talk About Object-Oriented Programming!

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