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2021 — The Year of Courage and Determination

Don't set resolutions — choose themes.
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I don’t believe in setting New Years Resolutions anymore, because they often don’t seem to work out. I’m coming to the realization that I’m not as much of a goal-oriented person as I thought I was. Friends have been coming up with themes they want to take into the new year. Here are some you should check out:

I’ll admit I was inspired to choose one as well because it feels like much less pressure and gives guidelines without you having to make specific decisions at the beginning of the year. (Kinda like being agile, no?) Additionally, I really like the idea of reviewing the year once it’s over; this seems like a much more comfortable prospect and much less mental pressure. The themes I’ve chosen for 2021 are Courage and Determination.

Something I’ve always had trouble with is mustering the courage to speak up when I have an opinion. Lately, I’ve had to interrupt people to get my point in. I don’t feel right interrupting people, but that’s honestly the only way I’ve been able to speak up in some circumstances. Additionally, shrugging off when someone disagrees and not taking it personally is something I need to work on. There’s lots of courage necessary for that.

We’re also embarking on a new-ish endeavour in our Peopleware group and are going to record more podcast episodes after the new year. This is courageous for me in that my voice could be playing in other people’s ears within the next year. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time! I hope you’ll give it a listen when it is released.

I’m also severely determined to make a leap in my career this year, whether it’s a promotion or a raise; I’d prefer to have both. Both would be fantastic and a great help to my mental health and my family’s budget.

The rest of the determination will likely come out more in my personal life. There are several projects my husband and I have been putting off around our house and such for multiple reasons. I’m hopeful that we’ll start the year on the right foot.

I hope you all have a safe, happy and healthy New Year. (And please, don’t congregate with others outside of your household!)

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