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Mine has been very sparse.
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Someone posted a comic of a graph a couple of weeks ago in a chat with friends about the relationship between blogging software (or lack thereof) and post frequency. It posits that when using software with a lower barrier to entry and maintenance like WordPress, posts will come more frequently. On the opposite end of the graph, there folks like me who run a static-site generator and post a lot less often.

More frequent blog posts from friends has me reconsidering blogging as a more frequent activity. Mike Crittenden wrote about this idea this summer and followed up in September about his progress. TL;DR: He loves it and is still going. But a major key to his success is keeping entries short. I also highly encourage folks to check out works by my friend-colleagues CK Wright and Daniel Lemay.

I’m gonna be honest, I can’t keep up daily because I will actually run out of topics. My thoughts tend to be technical in nature and I previously felt that a lot of the things I learn have been written. However, in recent months, I’ve found fewer entries about concepts I’m working with.

As of today, I’ve migrated over 4 old entries and I have a few new ideas that I will be working on soon.

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